My All Purpose Ubuntu Home Server Setup

Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTSI’ve decided to build me a Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS based home server.

The hardware was pretty simple choice, what I could get for free. I inherited an old PC, about 5 years old from a family member. It had a Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 with 4 GB of memory. I upgraded this to 8 GB with 2 extra sticks I had laying around. I also stuck two 1 TB drives in it so I could use a RAID 1 setup.

I didn’t need much, traffic on the server would be basically just me, so I wasn’t going to be very demanding when I get my hardware for free.

My biggest use for this server will be as a source code repository. I have a bunch of old coding projects that I want to clean up and organize. You never know when you’ll want to look at some old snippet of code.

Other use cases I’m interested in are a personal eBook server to house my library, a Plex Server to feed my Raspberry Pi 2 hooked to my TV, torrent server (for Ubuntu and Raspberry Pi ISO’s and other opensource projects), VPN connection to home from the road, and a development web server.

As I setup this server I’m going to document my process, in part to remember how I did it and to help any other beginners. I’ll add links below to the different tutorials as I create them.

Tutorials to perform before you remove the monitor and keyboard:

Setting a Static IP Address in Ubuntu 14.04

Creating an SSH Key and Passwordless Login

Headless Server Tutorials:

Installing GitLab CE on Ubuntu Server 14.04

Setting Up a Headless Torrent Server Using Transmission

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